Services & prices

  • contact through emails, calls and/or meetings pre-session = all the time spent to know you better and understand well your project, as well as your specific expectations and whishes
  • photo session: preparation, time on location, transportation if in Boston/Cambridge
  • post-production: selection of the images, specific digital development via Lightroom (+ occasional corrections via Photoshop)
  • creation of a gallery with the images: I will send you an email with a link to access to a private part of my website, made just for you!
  • author rights on the pictures: meaning that once you paid for the photos, you can share/forward them to friends or family, post them on your website / social networks (and if you enjoyed my work, please consider mentioning me to help me grow! :))
  • customer support: time spent to answer your questions, giving you advices on how to best prepare yourself to the photo session (you can even ask me if you hesitate between several outfits or locations!), finding a solution to any issue…
  • transportation if meeting/shooting place out of Boston/Cambridge, MA
  • key usb with images : ask for this option if you want more than a private gallery on my website with a zip file to download
  • photo album(s) or prints : ask for me to work on it and pay for the product + time I spent creating the product online
  • sales taxes : only in case you choose a tangible support for the pictures, see warning below

Please note

In case you choose a tangible support like a usb key, prints or a photo album, you have to add 6,25% of sales taxes to the WHOLE prestation (support for pictures + photo shooting), in conformation with the Massachusetts Taxes Department system.

For any photo session you choose, I will send you a quote and a contract by email: please note that I will need these documents signed before the photo session starts.

Life photographer

Creative solo portraits
$180 - 1h to 1h30 - at least 40 images - 2 outfit changes | Editorial portrait shooting: $250/hour
You want some pictures made in a creative mood? We can work together on doing some portraits while having some fun. You can bring accessories (hat, flowers, mask, umbrella etc.), and depending on the location, you may be able to change clothes. Don't be afraid to be... YOURSELF!
Couple portraits
$200 - 1h to 1h30 - at least 40 images
Weither you want romantic pictures of your couple in a beautiful setting or a more rock'n'roll result, let me know, I'll be happy to create them for you! Love can be a simple reason for a creative photo session, especially if you want to have fun! I love bohemian & rock'n'roll atmospheres as well as working on creative settings from an idea that you have or that we could develop together.
Friendship portraits
$220 - 1h to 1h30 - at least 40 images
Friends are known to be like a family we choose: celebrate yours! You want to have some nice, cute and/or funny pictures with your closest friends, you know, the ones that you could live without? Or maybe you want to have a photographer by your side to capture the best moments of a birthday, a bachelor(ette) party or any other important event you are living together? You can count on me to celebrate friendship and photography this unique and peculiar link between you!
Maternity, baby & family portrait photography
$220 (1 or 2 kids) - $270 (3 kids & more) - 1h to 1h30 on location - at least 40 images
You want romantic and/or funny pictures of your family / child(ren) / pregnancy? The pictures of your cute children and of your family are precious memories that will follow you all your life, helping you to remember moments that goes so quickly. I also offer photo sessions to immortalize the stages of a pregnancy and remind you all the emotion of these beautiful moments. You can ask me for one or more session(s) before giving birth, and then for a session to capture every detail of your new-born / growing baby.
Engagement / Trash the dress session
$250 - 1h to 1h30 - at least 40 images
You are looking for an engagement session to announce your wedding or a funny way to celebrate it a second time? Think about having lovely images to send with your Save the Date cards. And why not doing a "Trash the dress" session just after your wedding, or "x" years after to remember it? There are actually so many ways to capture the essence of your couple. Don't hesitate to share your most crazy ideas, there are excellent opportunities to have fun together!
Wedding photography
$450 (ceremony + group) - $2000: (full day) - $2500: full day + evening - $5000: full week-end (transport + night(s) not included)
You are looking for someone to immortalize your elopement or small wedding in an alternative / funky / rock'n'roll / bohemian mood ? Of course you want your wedding pictures to be representative of who you really are, and this is exactly what I want my pictures to be: something you will cherish for long because they really represent you! In a boho, natural, folk, funky or rock'n'roll atmosphere, weither alone or with friends / family, very colorful or neutral... I am excited by a lot of alternatives wedding atmospheres, especially if they are creative, so don't be afraid to share your project with me!
Bachelor(ette) party
$350 - 1h to 1h30 - at least 40 images
You planned to celebrate the end of your "single" life? It is always a good idea to have a photographer by your side for this special event gathering your best friends!

Corporate photographer

Fashion portraits for Instagram & Blogs
$160 - 1h - 1 location (different spots) - 1 or 2 outfits - at least 40 pictures
If you are a fashion blogger or instagramer, I would be more than happy to immortalize your outfits, paying attention to the small details, and visually highlighting your style in a special context (street, seaside etc.). We can do it in a serious or funny mode, and work on special context if you want to tell a real story through your clothes. Just write me!
Cultural / social events photography
$170 (1h) - $600 (1/2 day) - $1000 (full day) - $700 (evening at least) - at least 50 images/hour
You are an institution, a charity association or a company and you want me to cover a cultural/social event you are organizing? Culture and overall visual arts and music play a big role in my life, so I would be glad to cover such a kind of event for you! Think about me for a concert, a festival, a street event...
Travel photography
Contact me with your project!
In need of pretty images to communicate about a city or region? Tourist Office, Departmental Committee of Tourism, Regional Committee of Tourism, Town Hall, public or private company, I would be happy to capture beautiful sceneries for you! It is also a way for me to ally my n°1 passion (along with photography), TRAVEL, to give you the best quality images! I want you to be able to work on a great communication about any place you choose and on any kind of support. Whatever your project is, don't hesitate to contact me!