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I am Fanny, a 30 y.o French woman from La Rochelle (a lovely and touristic city located just on the other bank of the Atlantic) and currently living in Boston, MA.

How did I become a photographer?

I fell in love with photography 8 years ago, but I had not planned at this time that it would become my beloved job someday.

I did a Bachelor’s in Foreign Languages (English, Italian) and then a Master Degree in Management of Tourist Industries. Then I became a freelancer working as a Social Media Manager in Web Tourism. All this time, I was missing something: having my camera right in my hands, being allowed to express my creativity… Meanwhile I was studying and then working, I was experiencing things with my camera, learning, experiencing again, finally practicing through daily life, discoveries and travel.

Years have passed and I became more and more at ease with my camera so I needed it to play a bigger part in my life (like if it was a third eye I couldn’t hide anymore). I created a blog (Parenthèse Citron) but doing photography only for me just wasn’t enough. Through short missions in France and Spain (where I lived 3 years 1/2), I decided that I needed a little revolution in my life.

I did photography volunteering while waiting for my USA work autorization (in case you were asking, I followed my husband for his post-doc) and then got my first projects here. Now I contemplate time, family, friends (and opportunities I took) really gratefully for allowing me to do everyday something that I deeply love!

Which projects do I work on?

My work consists mainly in doing portrait / family / couple sessions, as well as covering cultural events. I also do corporate work related to social (teams) or marketing (products, places) fields, for I am always glad to help companies/charities to grow on the web and social media providing them dreamy photos. As an ex-Social Media Manager and Web Marketer, I of course know the importance of having good quality images to show in order to sustain projects / ideas.

Another thing about me?

I moved a lot (4 times in France, 2 in Spain, 2 in the US), and it gave me a great capacity of adaptation (to people, places, cultures, circomstances…), that I use in my job to take profit of every context.

I also traveled a lot, as I wanted to expand my horizons. Knowing that I would of course be happy to travel to work with you on your project, wherever you are, dare contact me and tell me about it!

My favourite quote

“Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” ― Vincent van Gogh

fact 1

Fact #1

My n°1 passion (along with photography, of course!) is Travel! I really love discovering new sceneries, immersing myself in different cultures, tasting local food, searching for off the beaten track places...
fact 2

Fact #2

I love drinking tea (and baking scones and muffins, also!). My current favourite ones are Jasmine tea, Genmaicha and Vanilla rooibos (not exactly a tea, but still).
fact 3

Fact #3

I am in total admiration for the beauties of nature, which is why for the past few years I have been working on significantly reducing my environmental footprint. I even dedicated a section of my blog (parenthesecitron.com) to this goal, trying to create (even a small) snowball effect.